Green Dream



This is where your beautiful new space begins.

Our passionate and creative designers will work with you to translate your vision into reality. The design process will help you flush things out and allow you to figure out what you really want. Your landscape design will ensure you understand how everything will come together and that it fits within your budget.

Will you need a landscape design?

First and foremost you may be wondering, will my landscaping project need a design? Most projects consisting of multiple elements will need a design before our consultants are able to give you an accurate quote. A design is the bridge between the conceptual phase and installation phase, and ensures that you and everybody working on your project are on the same page. This will help avoid estimate and installation errors along the way. If you are looking to do a simple project with a singular straightforward focus such as a lawn with irrigation or replacing your driveway, a design may not be necessary. Our consultants will advise you of whether or not your project will need a design at your first consultation.

How much does a design cost?

Our landscape designs start at a rate of $750 and can vary from there depending on the size and complexity of your project. Your consultant will be able to give you your design cost at your first consultation after taking a look at your outdoor space and talking with you about the things you are looking to add or change.

How to prepare for your design consultation:

We encourage you to check out Pinterest and other “inspo” websites to get ideas and examples of what you are looking for. Save your ideas and be ready to share them at your first consultation. We also recommend you have a budget in mind for your project. Since often times we can’t give you an accurate estimate before having a design, it is helpful for you to let the consultant know your budget so he/she can keep this in mind when creating your landscape design and when advising you on the best options for your yard. You may be able to get a ballpark estimate depending on whether you know the specifics of what you are looking to get. Such as, the type of material you want to use and how much or how many; having measurements can help with this.

How long does the design process take?

The design process varies in length depending on the size of the project and how complicated it is. It also depends on how quickly you are able to make decisions on what you want, how you want it, and where you want it. Of course the designer is there to guide you and advice you along the way as well. The turnaround could potentially be a week or two, if not a lot of revisions are made to the original design and if you have a clear vision of what you are looking for. Normally, the design process should not take longer than a month. Before moving forward with any installation we’ll confirm any revisions to make sure you are fully satisfied with your final design.